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about Us

Founded in 2019 by Chef JJ Johnson, FIELDTRIP is a community-based dining experience that celebrates culture through the shared experience of rice. For us, rice is a journey to new parts of the globe. Our mantra, "Rice is Culture", was born out of Chef JJ’s realization that rice connects us and can be found at the center of tables in almost every community. 

Our cuisine is influenced by global flavors and techniques used within various cultures. We use heirloom grains with each rice telling a unique story of how it arrived to this country and into your bowl. All rice is freshly milled, unbleached and not enriched. Using sustainable products is extremely important to us. Our rice bowls are paired with ethically sourced vegetables and proteins creating a flavorful experience that tastes good and is good for you!

Front entrance of field trip 109 Malcolm X Blvd New York, NY
Three wood high-top tables against the brick wall witha painting of a colorful map and says "Fieldtrip. Rice is Culture."
behind the counter at fieldtrip. Menu display above and employees working to make meals for customers.
BRAISED BEEF bowl. Texas Brown Rice, spicy black beans, turmeric yogurt